The Longest Shortest Year

…and what a year it has been. This very day this last year we released something we’d been working on for a while, poured our hearts into, challenged ourselves with, sweated, debated and toiled over, explored, extended, expressed and examined, each time over growing in confidence that we had made something worth the time, tears and expectations hanging on it being something special. And here we are, a year later celebrating the 1st anniversary of Unimagine :)

In that short year since, we have played Vans Warped Tour in USA and Australia, played across 3 continents over 9 separate tours, played our first headline tours to sold out venues and already sat down to begin writing for album number three. All of this, because 42 minutes and 2 seconds of music spoke to people. And for us, that is an amazing feeling.

We have some awesome things happening soon and as always, we can’t wait to share them with you. It’s been an amazing year and we look forward to what is next.

A special thank you to every one of you who has bought a copy. Where did you get yours? Reply to this post to let us know and we’ll pick a winner from each social network to send an as-yet unreleased merch item out to :)



The past five days I spent listening only to the album Unimagine by Hands Like Houses. Each day, I would write down something new I learned about the album. (to read all of mine, they’re on my tumblr under /tagged/ufdc). Doing this challenge has been a really great experience. I’ve learned a lot…

Unimagine 5 Day Challenge / Day 2


i posted day 1 late and im sorry but im not????

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Unimagine 5 Day Challenge - Day 4

This is my 3rd time typing this out so excuse the possible sound of rushed thinking. Chrome is not my friend.

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very awesome. :)


Unimagine 5 Day Challenge - Day 1

This was typed out while almost completely passed out, so I hope my points, whatever their importance, are still made clearly.

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absolutely loving reading these!

Unimagine 5 Day Challenge- Day 1


This is one of my favorite challenges I’ve done, day one and I’m already stoked about it.

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Hands Like Houses | Unimagine

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Hands Like Houses
Photographed Backstage at the House of Blues
Los Angeles, California
March, 2014


This week’s Artist to Watch For is Hands Like Houses. I know the band are pretty popular already, but I feel like many have been quick to put them down because they’re signed to Rise Records. They’re definitely one of the most underrated bands in the scene and I’m hoping that this article helps create fans out of those who were quick to write them off.